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Jiu'an machinery and equipment leasing technical support services


Why have equipment rental technical support services:

In the actual construction process, you often encounter some operations that require professional equipment to be carried out. But these operations in the whole project but not much, the purchase of equipment is not worthwhile. Have you ever been troubled by this?

All along, Jiu'an machinery in order to meet the new and old users of this type of demand. Specifically set up equipment rental and technical services sector.

What does the equipment rental support include:

Jiu'an machinery prepared by the independent research and development of cutting and breaking equipment, water pipe machine, automatic sandblasting machine, automatic counterparts, automatic welding machines and other equipment. Including the pipeline construction, pipeline maintenance repair welding operations required all the equipment. You do not need but the heart device to the scene no one will operate because we rent the equipment while providing technical support services. Nearly 20 technical engineers are on call around the clock to complete the homework at any time. This is the long-term equipment rental technical support services.